Connecting community in times of need.

Connecting community in times of need.

Get Help.


If you require basic essentials including, food, grocery and pharmacy delivery, or telephone safety checks, please take a moment to fill out this survey so that we can help connect you to services that are available in the community. 


The information that you provide may be shared with the appropriate partnering organization for follow-up.

Give Help.


As the need for support and services continues to increase through the COVID-19 pandemic, so does the desire to help one another. United Way Centraide North East Ontario is proud to partner with local experts including Volunteer Sudbury, Public Health Sudbury & Districts and the City of Greater Sudbury in a coordinated effort to identify opportunities and ensure volunteers from across the Region are properly trained to stay safe and maintain their health.


To get started, please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey.

Learn More.


Learn more about the work of United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario including, the Local Love in a Global Crisis Community Response Fund and the New Horizons Seniors Program through the Government of Canada.



When you give to United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario’s Community Response Fund, you are helping to provide access to basic needs, help for seniors, capacity for community services, and support for volunteers.